Main parameters of products



1, sweeping width: 15cm

2, battery capacity: 2200 lithium battery 7.4V

3, charging time: 4 hours.

4. Vacuum power: 60W

5, sweeping power: 10W

6. Noise: <=55 dB.

7. Average working hours: 2 hours.

8, weight: 1.5kg

9. size: 320*260*105mm


Product features:

There are intelligent system, memory system, automatic navigation system, cleaning system; with automatic cleaning, automatic vacuum, automatic round-trip charging, automatic obstacle avoidance, automatic climbing, anti-fall and other functions. At the same time, the product in the process of low noise, low power consumption, garbage capacity, high level of intelligence technology and product functions in the world's leading position in the field of robotics.

* humanized design and environmental protection.

* automatic routine routine cleaning, no need to care, highlight technology.

* super suction and rotary brush to meet greater cleaning needs.

* automatic navigation to achieve the best cleaning coverage.

* clean floors, furniture, walls or walls.

* automatically adjust the cleaning effect from carpet to floor and back to carpet.

* automatically avoid falling from stairs, heights or other edges.

* easy to operate: just press the cleaning button to let the robot do other work.


Easy to operate, maintain and upgrade.


1. The new man-machine conversation voice demo function allows you to easily complete the initial settings of the machine, and when the machine needs maintenance and help when the warning.

2, the new model provides more simple maintenance and upgrade functions.


Clean schedule


The new adjustable schedule system can preset seven different cleaning times. It is convenient for you to set up at different time periods at home or outside.


Wireless remote control


Wireless remote control makes it easier for you to control and manipulate the machine. It can also set seven different cleaning times.