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Commodity name: intelligent sweeping robot

Commodity size: 350*350*85mm

Commodity No.: V6

Net weight: tempered glass 3.5KG

Material composition: ABS +PC

Product performance characteristics:

Touch screen operation: V6 floor sweeper adopts touch screen, which is beautiful and convenient to operate.

Remote control operation: This machine is equipped with remote control, we can use the remote control to freely control the cleaning place of the machine. At the same time through the remote control we can also carry out the corresponding operation settings, such as: time settings, regular cleaning appointments, cleaning mode changes.

Intelligent Recognition Anti-collision: V6 can be sensitive to the obstacles in front, intelligent identification, and automatically make judgments to turn or back, so that not only can protect furniture and machinery from damage, but also can effectively clean the corner dust.

Intelligent cleaning: V6 has four modes of cleaning: automatic, appointment, fixed-point, border.

Anti-falling: the bottom of the machine has infrared photosensitive electronic eyes, when walking to the edge of stairs, steps, will automatically play an intelligent detection function, induction height drop (> 8cm) self-turning direction, to avoid falling damage.

Climbing ability: the machine is full of power and can easily climb up the slope of <15 degree to sweep.

Wet towing design: equipped with 180 ml water tank, through three holes seepage, timely replenishment of mop moisture, maintain uniform wet towing, deep removal of ground dust and stubborn stains.

Timing booking: This machine can be scheduled to clean, V6 will be on time to clean at the scheduled time, save effort.

Double-sided brush: V6 double-sided brush with internal rotation structure design, to ensure that the cleaning process centralized front and left and right sides of the dust, not only a larger area of cleaning, but also the corner of the home dust can be cleaned, cleaning efficiency is higher.

Sweep, suction, drag three in one: V6 uses the internal rotation structure design of the brush, can sweep the larger garbage into, at the same time has the function of dust collection and self-contained water tank wet towing function.

Automatic recharge: When the machine is running low power, the automatic voice prompt and return to the charging base for charging, without manual participation.

Covert power switch: V6 sweeper switch is set at the bottom of the left side, the appearance design is more beautiful, the operation is more reasonable.

Low-noise mute: V6 work sound below 60 decibels, equivalent to the voice of a quiet conversation, will not interfere with our normal work and rest.

Double layer filter box: the pull-out dust box is operated very humanized. And the dust box has a primary filter + a fine filter cloth, which can completely eliminate the two pollution.

Abnormal alarm: running abnormal intelligent alarm, using more humanized.